Sunday, December 5, 2010

every little thing's gonna be all right

This last week was insane. I wrote a 10 page paper for Tuesday, wrote a 4 hour essay exam Thursday, had my final presentation on Friday for my seminar, and now I have 1 more 23 page article to read for my systems class before I start studying for my neuroanatomy exam next SATURDAY. Suffice it to say that I was stressed. I went to therapy Tuesday a complete mess. My therapist told me that it was painful to watch me talk. He really wants to put me on drugs, but I don't want to take them, so I went to the gym this morning like he has been trying to get me to do for months. I feel great. Exhausted, but great. Less anxious about everything I have to do. I might go again tomorrow. I'm very happy right now.

In other news, grad school is a weird place because the people you work with are kind of your friends/school-mates and very definitely your colleagues, so maintaining a professional relationship with them is very difficult especially when you're dating one of them and the others want to gossip about it and ask questions. I don't want to share this with all of my colleagues. It's not their place.

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