Monday, January 3, 2011

canadians love veganism

Adrian and I finally made it to Montreal after a bit of a hang up involving us being poor students and a rental car company wanting money. We didn't end up leaving until saturday, but we made the best of our last day in Providence. We went to this awesome vegan friendly restaurant, Julian's on the west side where I had orange vanilla French toast and eggs benedict, we went ice skating, and we got to dress up all fancy like for a fun new years eve party with our friends. So then on Saturday we finally left the smallest state in the Union, and here we are! I've been eating incredible vegan food since getting here: Adrian's Grandmother made me delicious vegan dinner on Saturday, yesterday for lunch we went to an amazing raw vegan spot called Crudessence, and then last night we went to delicious indian food. Crudessence was so cool. We started with fiesta nachos with guacamole and house made cashew sour cream, Adrian had a juice with beats, ginger, and carrots and I had a house made kombucha with hibiscus which was fantastic. For the main, Adrian had a crepe with pistachio pesto, capers, tomatoes and spinach and I had the pesto sandwich with sprouts, avocado and apple. The bread was amazing. It was just a bunch of grains and seeds all pressed together basically. it was mind blowing. And we ended with chais and chocolate. amazing. amazing. amazing.
We then went to the art museum to see the Otto Dix show, for which Adrian's awesome grandma had gotten us tickets. She also gave us a tour because she's a docent. In the contemporary section, there was a really awesome acrilc painting of a baroque hall that was the coolest. I wanted to steel it. (The photo is of me just after this really adorable little girl came up to me looking at this painting and said "THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!" it was super cute.)
Finally, we had great indian for dinner with Adrian's friend Tyler and his boyfriend, Drew, and after we went for good local beers at a spot called Else's.
Great weekend!

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